LANshadow: The Fast, Flexible Mirroring and Disaster Recovery Software for NetWare.
The version 4.7 offers complete Y2K compliance, several performance enhancements, NFS support and additional international language capabilities. Y2K! It is strongly recommended that all LANshadow customers install version 4.7 !

A software-only solution for mirroring critical network data, LANshadow 4.7 provides users with an easy-to-use, configurable solution to meet specific backup needs. Depending on your licensing package, you can do one to one, one to many or many to one mirroring schemes, that may be implemented concurrently. Widely used as a complement to tape backup systems, LANshadow 4.7 conforms to all proposed government regulations for Year 2001 compliance, including leap year occurrences. In addition, new performance enhancements offer users quicker and more efficient file mirroring, and assure constant availability of critical network data. LANshadow 4.7 also supports a number of international languages, including English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

LANshadow 4.7 offers users a complete NetWare® mirroring tool that effectively eliminates server downtime and protects critical network data by mirroring important files, directories or volumes from one server to another - all for a very good price. You'll have the added confidence that LANshadow is Year 2001 compliant, providing both peace of mind and up-to-the-minute recovery of your data."

LANshadow 4.7 has taken all appropriate steps to ensure that its clients experience a smooth transition into the next century. Also the file mirroring rates are optimized again. Data-loss, and with it a loss of user productivity, is minimized.

Y2K! It is strongly recommended that all LANshadow customers upgrade to version 4.7 before 01/01/2001.

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