Product Features

lanauditor automatically maintains a detailed inventory of the hardware and software installed on each file server and workstation on a network. lanauditor supports the industry's most widely used network and client operating systems and complies with the DMI standard.
Key Features
Multi-client support Gathers inventory information on many types of clients, including Macintosh, Windows 95/NT and OS/2. The inventory information is gathered in a central database, and is available for reporting.
Multi-network operating system support Inventory networks with virtually any NOS, gather the information centrally, and report the information clearly.
Audits remote and stand-alone PCs Audit stand-alone or remote PCs and simply add the inventories to the central lanauditor database.
Automatic audit of both software and hardware on workstation s and file server Detailed hardware and software information for both workstation and file servers is stored in a central lanauditor database.
No TSR required lanauditor executes quickly and terminates after gathering data. The user is not required to dedicate a portion of the workstation s memory to run the audit process.
Customizable Administration Screen Allows user-inter activity, allowing management of assets not automatically audited by lanauditor.

System configurations:

lanauditor is compatible with the following network operating systems:
Target customers:
lanauditor is targeted at LAN administrators, system integrators, asset managers, and auditors responsible for the following activities:
Essential Features:
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