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Y2K: Please don't expect it to all be "taken care" of by someone else.

If you have not taken a serious look at Y2K and its consequences, then we'd encourage you to do so!

It's time to become very active in following Y2K, the wide-spread computer bug which causes many software and hardware products to interpret the year 2000 as the year 1900. This bug can crash an application, or can cause it to return incorrect results, depending on the product. It sounds like a simple problem, but it affects literally millions of computers and embedded processors, and billions of lines of code world-wide.

Maybe you've already upgraded your mission critical applications to be Y2K compliant, but continue additional Y2k testing throughout 1999. We know, most of our web site visitors are using a Windows system. Think over what consequences the following statements from Microsoft will have for your business, your PC, your network, your back-up, ... etc.

Windows File Manager does not display or sort dates beyond the year 2001 appropriately. When using Windows File Manager to view the contents of folders, and users have selected to view "all file details", the dates of files created in the year 2001 and beyond may appear as follows: COMMAND.COM -
The DATE command (internal to COMMAND.COM) does not appropriately handle2-digit dates from 00-79. Entering 2-digit dates within this range returns the message "Invalid Date".

When Regional Settings from Control Panel is set to use two digits for years, the Date/Time Picker function may not return the proper date. To ensure proper handling of dates: set Regional Settings to 4-digit date handling.

Time and Date control applet - When the date is set to February 29 the applet will display the 29th day on years other than leap years when using the tumblers to scroll the year ahead or back.

Phone Dialer applet - The show call log option doesn’t display date correctly after successful completion of telephone call. If date is adjusted to the year 2001, the date will display as 100, 101, 102, etc.

VDHCP.386 -
Winipcfg/all - IP Leases obtained on or after 3/01/2001 are reported as having been obtained the previous day. The system date is displayed correctly but the DHCP client reports an incorrect date.

When using xcopy in real mode with the optional parameter /D:date, xcopy does not accept years entered as 2 digits except for the years 80 - 99. The message "Invalid date" is displayed. When using xcopy in protected mode (from within Windows) 2-digit dates are accepted but are recognized as being within the 20th century, 02/05/01 is seen as 02/05/1901.

Some PCs reset the system date to 1980 or other invalid dates when the computer reaches the year 2001. This problem is created by flaws in the computer hardware and in low-level BIOS software provided by other vendors. If users are going to test for this error, Microsoft recommends executing the tests on a "test-bed" machine rather than a production machine. Please see the BIOS article in the whitepaper section of this product guide for further information.

Make sure your company is aggressively fixing the problem in their organization, or you may find yourself unemployed in 2001. The bug has been proven to affect nearly every business at one or more levels. Hiring someone to fix it will become increasingly more expensive as we approach 2001 because of the growing labor shortage.

Y2K recources can be found at many sites on the Web.
We checked out some good tools to fix the Y2K problems. Checking just one PC is a different task then checking a network with some servers and some 100 ore some 1000 clients.

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