The Meta Tag Construction Kit
This clever tool places proper meta tags in your HTML document.
Search engines use meta tags to help rank your site for relevancy and position.

It is designed to:

TagGen 1.1 combines database support, reporting, and wizard style selection in one package to provide you with a complete meta tag creation and implementation solution. TagGen 1.1 was created to help web developers easily control the meta tags within their web documents. TagGen has many advanced features that separate it from the competition.  <Title> line first followed by PICS Labels, 1 Line keywords and 1 Line Description.
These simple formatting steps can make a great difference in the rating of your site.
  • Spell Checker – This option ensures that your document and description tag do not include spelling errors. The description tag allows you to present a formatted summary of your site to the search engine user. This is the first impression that they will get, so it is wise to spell check it!
  • 10 Keyword positions - Keywords are critical in obtaining good site positioning
    Description - Goes hand in hand with you keywords
    Generator – Identifies the HTML/TAG generator
    Robot Text - Tells search engines what they can do
    Rating - A simple site rating system
    Classification - How your site should be classified
    Distribution - Who will view the page
    Copyright - The copyright owner for the material in the web document
    Author – The author of the web page
    Refresh - Refresh the page or pull refresh (option of pulling up another page after x seconds!)
    Bulletin Date - Date of you announcement
    Bulletin Text - You announcement
    Expires - When the page content expires and should be reread
    Reply to - The contact for your web page
    RSAC - The Recreational Software Advisory Councils rating system (PICS)
    SAFE SURF - The safe surf rating system (PICS)
    WEBURBIA - Safe for Kids (PICS)
    Link Help - Useful with web TV
    Link Contents - Useful with web TV
    Supports LINK REL Tags (index, glossary, copyright, and next) too!
    You can save defaults for each domain, too - The Defaults/Templates features provide the utmost in flexibility and relief from repetitive tasks. When setting up the first page in a site, simply select ‘Write Defaults’ and TagGen is ready for you to load your work into additional pages as you see fit. You will not have to constantly enter tags like you must with other tools. (TagGen supports all file types that require meta tag info: .ASP, .TAM, and more! This feature does, however, require that the file has a <HEAD> section or you will have to use the copy to the clipboard function to update your files.) You can even report on all sites or files at once! This special report prints out all sites (domains) managed by the system and notes the files being managed. Use the ‘All Sites Default Settings’ to print out all sites (domains) managed by the system with their ‘default settings’; use the ‘Site Classifications’ report to see all site classification choices; use the ‘Ratings’ report to list all of the current ratings available to choose from. Of course, each of these reports can be printed out or viewed on the screen.
  • Special Help Topics - The TagGen Help Topics provide you all the information you need to categorize and maintain your web site!
  • For more information about The Meta Tag Construction Kit, please contact us today.
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