sniffer add-on

Take your Sniffer one step further!

The Sniff-Reporter uses the Network General Expert Sniffers Expert database to generate easy to read reports. These reports contain all the important information the Sniffer found on your Network. Seeing is believing - If you could get your LAN analysis result down on a graphical report together with your personal comments, no one will doubt your conclusions. The report includes things like traffic loads, protocol distribution, network errors, top talkers/sender at any network layer or protocol plus much more. The difficulties making good network analysis reports quick and easy is now solved.

All graphs can be printed or exported to .wmf or .bmp format. The most appreciated feature is copy and paste right into
your Word document. Using copy and paste gives you the chance to write your comments at the same time as the graphs are generated. A friendly user interface lets you make a good report in minutes.

It also have features to help you trouble shoot your network. You will find out when and where your errors occurs and
what stations are having trouble with re transmission's.

If you want to list your stations rated on kbps, pkt s, re transmission's or users of a specific protocol, ... no problem, you got a lot of filter choices to do it.

The flexible reporting options gives you the chance to produce professional reports only to be limited with your own imaginations or skills. Better reports than you did before, with less time being spent doing them, now it's possible.

Minimum requirements:
  • supports WIN 95 & WIN NT
  • Computer   486/66
  • RAM        16 Mb
  • Sniffer / DSS version 4.52 - 5.0 / 3.0 - 4.0
  • For more information about Network Graphical Reports, please contact us today.
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