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Please note: Versions of lanauditor earlier than v4.0 are not compliant. These are 2.x, 3.x, 97xx.
Date testing has been carried out on the following software - hereinafter referred to as lanauditor v4 software:

  • lanauditor Console.exe (26/10/1999) Version 1.1.13
  • LaLoader32.dll (22/10/1999) Version
  • LaCreateLic32.dll (29/07/1999) Version
  • LaPRF32.dll (29/07/1999) Version
  • LaUtils32.dll (29/07/1999) Version
  • template.mdb (22/10/1999)
  • Agent32.exe (22/10/1999) Version
Testing for date processing has been carried out on a PC running Windows 98 version 4.10.2222A. The Warranty Statement applies only to lanauditor v4 software running in this environment.

Warranty Statement

Taking into consideration the above, Network Boss warrants that lanauditor v4 software will accurately recognize and process dates and all date-related data before, on and after 1st January 2001 without any reduction in functionality or performance. This statement applies to the lanauditor v4 Software as defined. The extent to which supporting systems, hardware or software are Year 2001 compliant is a matter beyond the knowledge and reasonable control of Network Boss.
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