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A Animation, Archives and file search, Assessment tools, Audio, Audio conferencing,
B Books, Browsers,
C Caching, CGI, Cookies, Colors and graphics,
D Databases, Design Resources, Development Environments, Discussion tools, Dynamic HTML,
E Email dat abasingg, Events, Euromet,
G General computing,
H Helpers & Plug inss, HTML,
I Icons & ClipArt, Image Processing, IRC,
J Java, Java beans, Java books, Java : useful applets, Java development tools,
   Java examples, Java Tuition, Java zines, javascript
M Magazines online, Maths, Mirroring, Miscellaneous, mSQL database, MUDS and MOOS,
N NLN Links,
R Registration Systems, Remote Sensing Resources,
S Searching the Web, Servers, Server log analysis tools, Server-Side Includes, Starting points
Streaming servers, Style Sheets, SQL,
T Teaching Resources, Tcl/Tk,
U UMI Phase I projects, UNIX,
V Video, Video Conferencing, VRML
W Windows and PCs

Searching the web

Search Engine Watch
Advanced Searching: Tricks of the Trade
Register a domain name
About domain names 

General Design Resource

Web Review Design Resources List (Good !)
Creating better graphics for the web (Web Review)
how to use navigation icons - Web Review
Web style at "Web Mastery"
List of style related webzines
Yahoo web design resources
Link Exchange
Corrosive Web Design
User Interface Engineering
Web Usability Guidelines - Web Review
WebMaster OnLine
Netscape Developer's Edge
NetscapeDevEdge Library
Top 100 Webmaster resources
Web Review : Top 10 articles on Web Design
Copyright and the web
Helpful links for web builders
Legal Issues for Webmasters at WebReview
Tricks with transparent gifs and style sheets
Publish RGB, design resources
Frontier : integrated system for producing web site,
separating style from content with database....,
Mac & PC only
Creating a gif-based alphabet for headings etc 

Teaching Resources

Web-based training links at the Web-based training info center
Using Technology in Teaching
Teaching and Learning Workshop : Martin Westhead EPCC
JTAP : Training and Education
Local Information
Tele-learning in a Digital World - Betty Collis
Educational Technology Resource Center
CoMentor : MUD for co-operative learning
Diversity University MOO
Heriot Watt : Teaching and Learning Technology Service
Resource discovery on the Scottish MANs
ZD Net University - online computing tutorials for $4.95 a month
Distance Learning at Manchester Metropolitan University
Yahoo- On-line teaching and learning directory
The Education Index
JTAP report on existing tools for internet based teaching
The UCISA Web Awards for Teaching and Learning
Web Authoring with reference to Bioinformatics and Protein Structure
GAIA - Environmental Education
EPIC, courses in Parallel Computing from EPCC
Mike Barnsley's tools in Tcl/Tk
NASA orbits applets
Education Index at NASA Observatorium
Atmospheric Science, Macquarie University, Sydney
Advanced Technology Environmental Education Center
Department of Geography, University of Texas
Mailbase : electronic discussion lists for the UK higher education community
JISC network services for HE in the UK.
European Academic Software Award 1998 closing date : 1-Feb-98
Learning Technology Dissemination Initiative, Heriot-Watt
Educational Technology Page of the Virtual Library.
Integrated Learning Packages, including online forum
Educational Object Economy at Apple
Open University, Postgrad Qualifications in Open and Distance Learning
Horizon - education foresight, sponsored by Micorsoft
E-slate - suite of educational applets 

Assessment tools

Demo of Web@ssessor
Cyber Evaluator
Marble Mathematical Assessment
CVU Assessment Hall
WinAsks Professional
Online Internet Training for Education 


The HTML Goodies Home Page - Thanks for stopping by...
All About LaTeX2HTML
EuroMET - Creating Your Own Web Page
Frames -An Introduction
HTML Goodies - The Master List
HTML Quick Reference (including Explorer and Netscape extensions)
The HTML Guru!
Timeless principles of web design
HTML Quick Reference Guide
Spinning the Web
HTML at Web Mastery
HTML Math Working Group
Frames, how to..
Meta tags
Preventing browser caching with meta tags 

Server-side includes

Server-side-includes at Yahoo
SSI Tutorial
about SSIs
NCSA-HTTP SSI tutorial
Using SSIs - ApacheWeek
XSSI for Apache 

Dynamic HTML

Dynamic HTML -essay
Dynamic HTML issue of Web Review
The Dynamic Duo, DHTML tutorial
Using cookies to add persistence to DHTML 


Virtual Reality Modelling Language (VRML) Forum
List of VRML plugins for various operating systems
The VRML Repository
VRML on the rise @
Cosmo VRML 2.0 player, available for UNIX "soon"
Liquid Reality, Java-based VRML 2.0 player for UNIX
Liquid Reality, Java-based VRML 2.0 player for UNIX
The VRweb & VRwave (VRML 2.0) plugins, for most platforms
VRweb download from
"Liquid Reality" Download (Best VRML viewer for UNIX)
Oracle Worlds
Help files for VRweb (MWM only)
Globes, with satellite data mapped on them
Virtual UK
Virtual Worlds at Bath
Introduction to VRML 2.0 - Tutorial
VRML news and examples at SGI 


Java and SGML - Rodrigo Barnes
XML at Guardian Online
WebEQ - putting maths on the web using Java and MathML
XML expectations,
The point of XML, Sunworld
WebMethods Web Automation Toolkit,
for extracting data from HTML and XML documents on the web : loads of info & news
PERL and XML, at
XML for exchanging structured data
XML resources at 

Maths on the web

WebEQ - putting maths on the web using Java and MathML
Formulae : equation editing and display applets
Knowledge Space Assessment via the Web
paper on displaying maths on the web, including proposal math2gif cgi routine, which you can call from img tag.
HotEqn, excellent suite of equation viewer and editor 

Style Sheets

Web Review on Style Sheets
Style Sheets reference guide to compatibility - Web Review
Absolute positioning with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) - use a 4.0 browser to see demo
Platform independent animation using JS and CSS 

Development Environments

Macromedia Fireworks 


Progressive Networks, The Home of RealAudio & RealVideo
RealAudio easystart server download
Real Audio UK
Real Audio Server Support
Attaching RealAudio to Web Pages
RealServer4.0 Documentation
RealServer FAQ
Contact Real Server Technical support
RealAudio Help
Help for Real Audio Player 3.0 UNIX
Adam's Audio Archive
Inline Plug-ins: Audio/Video
Directory of /index/sounds/sun-sounds/sound_effects
How to create an AUDITORIAL (using Netscape Media Player) - Web Review
Audio-Visual services at Univ. Edinburgh
Graphics and Multimedia resource centre
Real Player download page
download of realplayer
Real Player set-up (local)
Arboretum software, for cleaning up noisy recordings
Audio and video production, tutorials for real audio tools
Real System Showcase 


VXtreme : Real-time web video
RealFlash exampless
Galette : Audio CD grabber for solaris
XAudio : mpeg3 player for UNIX
MpegTV : mpeg video player & plugin for UNIX 


Demo for java version of Flash player
Making animated gifs
The imaging machine - process images on the web, inc .gif animation
List of animation tools
Image Magick - image processing and display, inc animated .gifs
Image Magick manual
Web Magick - free software to create web-based interface for navigating image archives using thumbnails
PERL Magick
Internet Gallery of GIF animation
Overview of AVI 

Streaming Servers

Emblaze - streamin audio and video,without plugins
(download for PC only so far, despite what it says on the page !)
Vivo Splash, Video & Audio, PC & Mac 


UNIX Text Manipulation Commands
Beginning UNIX
Index of UNIX columns, SunWorld
Usingfind to locate files
UNIX reference desk
Win 95 apps on UNIX
UNIX Review
List of Solaris freeware at sunsite
Xviewers and image software at HPUX, Liverpool
Hensa UNIX Archive
Documentation and Information for UNIX users
Lin uxx
Compression and tar
Killing processes
"tail" and "date" shell commands 


Graphics & Multimedia Group - JCMB Edinburgh 

General computing

computing in the meteorology department
TheASCII character set
TheASCII character set and HTML Escape sequence, Web resources & tools
Technical Resources at Netscape World
GNU archive at sunsite
TheGNU C Library
Guide to GNU tools
GNU M4 Macro Processor
The X Window System
Application Visual Systems
Open GL WWW center 


Netscape FastTrack Server
Download Netscape Server Software
Index of /packages/netscape/pub/server/webserver/fasttrack/2.0/unix
Netscape download for educational institutions
Netscape "shipped" download
FAQ for Netscape fasttrack 2.x server
Netscape server help - index of all articles
Java Server & Servlets
Java Web Server release notes
Securing your web-server @ Sunworld
Apache server - UK mirror
Apache Week
Apache index at Yahoo
PERL modules for Apache server
Apache/PERL integration
Bandwidth analysis 

Server log analysis tools

Review of log analysis software at Enterprise-Developer
MUSAGE : PERL script for log analysis
Combined log system
GetStats and CreateStats
Analog most commonly used...
Summary of available log analysers
Yahoo list of log analysis tools
LogScribe : tagging and logging for pages using CGI
Ilux - java based commercial log analysis designed for advertising
WebTrends log analysis tools 


File mirroring software at the Network Buyer's Guide
Server mirroring software at the Network Buyer's Guide
Remote Server mirroring software at the Network Buyer's Guide
Wget- free Web mirroring utility
Wget download
free software for mirroring via FTP 


Web Caching FAQ
Effect of caching on log statistics
The national JANET web cache 

Archives and File Search

SunSITE Northern Europe
Shareware Shop - Thousands of Shareware, Games, Freeware, and much more!
Guide to Software resources
Search for software at Sunsite UK
Dave Central, software archive
Filez File Search
Freeware for solaris
Hensa Unix Archive 

Starting points

First Steps as a Web Developer!
HTML Primer
My Favorite Sites
A Web Engineer's Toolbox
NetLearn: Internet Learning Resources, at Robert Gordons University
The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) 


JavaScript debugger  (Netscape 4.03 or greater, but it still doesn't work)
JavaScript Authoring Guide
Java/JavaScript Resource Center
Netscapejavascript manual
Examples from JavaScript the definitive guide (on file)
Examples from JavaScript the definitive guide
NetscapeWorld, approved resources
Summary of JS features and bugs on main browsers
JavaScript 1.2 : Netscape World
Event Handlers : Netscape World
EducationalJavaScript at Gamelan
Netscape Developer's Edge
Using JavaScript for form validation - Sample Code at
Dynamicframesets : example at
Advanced JavaScript debugging
Coolnerds JavaScript Reference
Web Coder - Nick Heinle's JavaScript and Dynamic HTML pages
Object detection, not browser detection
Webcoder Scriptorium - loads of example scripts
Designing with JavaScript - book by Nick Heinle
Netscape JavaScript authoring guide
JavaScript support by various browsers - WebCoder
JavaScript examples
The Magic of JavaScript
JavaScript 411, including snippet library
Scripting the browser's back button (
The Rhodes arcade, JavaScript games
Creating a "MIDI hi-fi system" using JavaScript 


JavaSoft Home Page
Euromet Java Discussion Group
IBM's Java Pages
The UK Java Forum for Business
Java Developer Connection at Javasoft
"For developers", Java resources at Sun
The Java Lobby
UMI Java discussion pages at CVU
Gamelan at
Links to important Java resources, from JavaWorld
Java Application Servers
jCentral, IBM search tool for Java resources 

Java tuition

IBM's free Java tutorial
Sun's Java training selection
Java Servlets at Web Review
Java Basics for Beginners (Netscape World) : Development of Shared Whiteboard
API User's Guide
The Java Course, Tel-Aviv
Education at Sun UK
Developing your first applets Extract from Java Examples in a Nutshell, at WebReview
Sun "JavaTutor"
links for Java questions and tutorials, at Java Boutique
Review of JavaStudio at NCWorld 

Java examples

InfoBook - manager of multimedia information
Examples at
Applets for astronomical orbits and dates
Java Munro Starfield Viewer Applet
Applets from JavaSoft
Project Java - Educational Applets
Dr Turtle's Java Center - some flashy examples, including using java to generate VRML
The J Files
Loads of applets at XEO
Java Boutique - downloadable applets, including educational, audio 

Java : useful applets

Graph applets
JavaChart chart applets and chart development kit include data import from a URL
Graph editing framework
JavaChart - looks good, but costs
JChart - free and cheerful
Chart applet at Java Boutique
the lake applet
E-slate, suite of java for education 

Java zines

JavaWorld - IDG's magazine for the Java community - April 1997
Topic index at JavaWorld
Java News Network
Java Universe 

Java books

Beginning Java - Ivor Horton
Horton book
Java in a Nutshell : A Desktop Quick Reference for Java Programmers
Java books & reviews
Book reviews at Java Woman
Java Books at JollyRodger 

Java Development Tools and Environments

Asymmetrix Supercede
IBM VisualAge
Capsule Reviews of Java Tools
JavaWorld Tools Table
The Java Oasis - list of IDEs
JDE, Java development environment integrated with EMACS 

Java Beans

JavaBeans page at Javasoft
JavaWorld tour of JavaBeans
JavaStudio download instructions
JavaStudio support site 

Java Media

Java media programming, JavaWorld
RGB Image filter spec
awt.image spec
Three ways to produce sound in applets, JavaWorld 


The PERL language homepage at
The PERL Institute at
Yahoo! UK & Ireland - Computers and Internet:Internet:World Wide Web:Programming:Perl Scripts
WWW - Project: Tools: bjellis perl scripts
Perl CGI Scripts
Regular Expressions
UF/NA Perl Archive
Index of Perl/HTML archives
CGI Tutorial: Start
Matt's Script Archive
NetscapeWorld, approved resources
The PERL manual at MIT
The PERL manual at MIT : regular expressions de facto standard library for creating cgi
Script to do file upload using
PERL workshop at Web Review
PERL regular expressions at Web Review
PERL tutorial at Leeds
PERL Archive Network at HENSA
Sending email from PERL
Example of form which emails results using PERL
PERL module archive at HENSA
The Comprehensive Perl Archive Network (CPAN) : at HENSA, all the modules
Installing PERL
PERL 5 source
The CGI-Perl Cookbook
DBI Interface for PERL
PERL DB downloads
The PERL Journal
Putting PERL together, Sunworld  (borrow what you need and write what you must)


CGI directory at Yahoo
Security of cgi scripts
CGI Wrap, cgi security
Netscape Server API (NSAPI)
Rex Swain's CGI environment variable demo 


Cookie spec at Netscape
Using cookies to analyse user activity and customise user experience
Cookie examples
Javascript for cookies
Cookie functions
Cookies with Javascript
Persistent Cookies, links at Yahoo
Writing and reading cookies with cgi 

Video Conferencing

Booking form for ATM VCs - use this !
MICE National Support Centre, England
Scottish MAN Videoconferencing Network - Local Service Managers Guide
MAN ATM video conferencing : status of the VC suites
Summary of current MAN VC bookings
detail for connecting up a laptop in JCMB ATM suite
Microsoft Net Meeting (PCs and NT only)
Tips on using MAN Video Conferencing
CuSeeMe PCs and Macs
VDOPhone (PCs)
VAT plugin for MBONE VC in netscape
Local Mbone info at met.ed
The MERCI project development of MBONE tools from MICE => shrink-wrapped ?
List of MBONE software
SHRIMP - Shrink-wrapped MBONE package
Multimedia Conferencing Applications Archive at Edinburgh
Softboard - electronic whiteboard, for lectures and VCs 

Audio Conferencing

CoolTalk Phone Book
CoolTalk Help
CoolTalk Download
Talker Central
Vosaic Radio Studio
Review of new Java-based Audio Conferencing Tools
Voxware Conferencing Currently Wintel only, but plugin-player available for unix. 


Global Chat
Virtual Environments International (VEI) 

Discussion Tools

Hyper News
ShowMe for Sun Networks
Req an email based discussion system,
which tracks the responses to an initial request using a reference number
Web interface for Req 

MUDs and MOOs

CoMentor : MUD for co-operative learning
Cup-O MUD : java driven MUD (downloadable)
Hot Mudslide : java driven MUD (downloadable)
WOO - collaborative hypermedia servers
Yahoo- educational MOOs
Educational and Artistic Worlds (list) 

Email Databasing

Answer Web 


LiveWire Data Sheet
Netscape Developers Library - LiveWire
LiveWire developers guide
LiveWire online documentation with Fastrack server
Live Wire
Inside LiveWire Pro and Javascript
Using LiveWire for Database connection, Netscape Enterprise Developer, Dec. 97
Glimpse- File system search
Using Microsoft Access database with a website
Validating forms with LiveWire
Saving form data using LiveWire
Database integration using LiveWire
ExistingDB servers accessible over the web
Accessing a database from the WWW
The Sweet Smell of Access (Webmaster)
List of Web Database resources
LiveWire Pro info at netscape
Netiva "Miles faster than other products"
InfoMgr PC database
Searchinga database using Java / Beans
Oracle Lite - supports java connectivity
Quest web-database inferface for PCs
Intro to MySQL, Netscape Enterprise developer
Cold Fusion, free evaluation
Apptivity - java-based database interface 


miniSQL - free to educational users
MiniSQL at sunsite
MiniSQL web pages
MiniSQL manual (met.ed only)
MSQL & interfaces information page e.g mSQLCGI & mSQLJava
mSQL tools, including WShow
SQL guides in .pdf format (met.ed only)
Integrating databases with the web
A mSQL Tutorial
the w3-msql language
the w3-msql language
How to set up w3-auth, security protection for mSQL
C String formats
mSQLperl discussion
PERL interface for mSQL at CPAN
up to date PERL - mSQL interface ! 


SQL Tutorial 


SunScript Home Page for Tcl
Download Tcl/Tk 8.0 from Sun
How to write Tclets for the Tcl plugin
Download the tcl plugin 1.1
Tcl/Tk manual
Tclet links
Tclet demos
The Tclet Archive
How to write Tclets
The TCL/TK site
The TCL/TK Consortium
TCL blend and Jacl 


Netscape Plugins
Netscape Media Player
Media player release notes 


Browser Watch
Amaya from W3C
Netscape Communicator 4.01 download
Communicator 4.0 from sunsite
Communicator from sunsite
UK FTP site for Netscape products
Release Notes for Communicator 4
MS Internet Explorer 4.0 (beta for Unix avaialable autumn '97 ?)
Unofficial Netscape FAQ
HotJava 1.1
IE for Unix
IE for Unix download
Netscape plugins available on Solaris
Make the most of Communicator 


Java Books by Sunsoft
Book and site reviews
Nutshell examples
Addison-Wesley Professional Computing and Engineering
The VRML 2.0 Handbook 

Online Mags

Web Review
Coolsite of the day
World Wide Web Journal (W3J)
Web Informant
The Web Magazine
Netscape Industry Watch
The Scout Report - reviews of new web technology
Wired - technology news
IDG - computing news digest
Network World Fusion
CIO Magazine Online 

Icons and Clip Art

The Clipart Warehouse (UK) - smart
Icon Bazaar - lots of icons
Kaleidoscope - Really lan backgrounds and borders
Fairy Suryana Animated gif gallery
Fairy Suryana - alphabets + process your image
VRL - Process your image
The Clipart Connection
Andy Art
Filez : search the web for images, or any other file
The background sampler
netCreators icon page
GIFWizard -shrink the size of you GIFs 
Colours and graphics
The Netscape colour map
No Dither Netscape Color Palette
The netscape color palette - in Photoshop
Picking web colours
Adobe Photshop for the Web
Web Colour primer at Web Review
interlaced gifs
Interlaced .gifs on UNIX
Photshop plugins
ION , IDL on the net
Creating buttons in PhotoShop
Royalty free photgraphs 

UMI Projects

UMI home page
The School of Scottish Studies
Clyde Virtual University
MARBLE Sub-projects
Scottish higher education institutions

Remote Sensing Resources

NERC Satellite Station, Dundee University, UK
Department of APEME - University of Dundee
Visualizing Earth
VisEarth Links
NESDIS - NOAA data center
National Geophysical Data Center (NOAA)
Dallas Remote Imaging Group
NASA RISE - Space Education
Virtual Library of Remote Sensing
NASA Mission to Planet Earth
Centre for Earth Observation
EWSE at the CEO - Search for RS resources
Live satellite orbits at the CEO
WWW Virtual Library - Remote Sensing
NASA/Goddard (inc Tutorial!)
Gelos : directory of environmental resources on the web
The Remote Sensing and Natural Resources Division of the Department of Geography, University of Zurich
RS Recommended Links
ERS images
World Resources Institute
Satellite Toolkit man pages (local)
Satellite Tool kit
Register STK
EEVL Virtual Library for Engineering Resources on the Web, including RS
Meteosat images at Nottingham
NASA Climate and Radiation resources
Java satellite tracking using J-Track at NASA 

Image Processing Resources

Listof IP tools at NASA observatorium
ENVI IP software, from the makers of IDL
site-licence acquired by EUCS ? (email EUCS.Purchasing@ed) 

Windows and PCs

Windows problems 


Hummingbird-VM: Surf-N-Search Engine
Resource Discovery on the MANs of Scotland
Faculty of Science and Engineering Office
SmartBooks - selected internet books (good)
ftp software shop
Python scripting language
Getting started with Python
Privacy standards - CIO



NLN links

Iain's Managment Issues Page

Euromet links

Euromet Developers Resources
EuroMet beta site
Index of all fields and methods of Euromet AWT classes
Euromet AWT package
Euromet applet demos etc.